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Three Lecture Styles

Find a compilation of lecture samples below that includes the learning glass style, micro-lectures style, and screencast style.

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1) Learning Glass Style

The Learning Glass is a new technology for recording lectures that allow instructors to write notes on a transparent whiteboard while maintaining face-to-face contact with students. The instructor writes normally, left to right, then the recorded image is flipped so students can view the notes correctly through a monitor. 

2) Micro-Lecture Style

Micro-lectures are short lecture video segments filmed in our state-of-the-art green screen studio. Through the magic of video effects and technology, we can superimpose instructors onto virtual backgrounds and/or place them over animated digital backdrops as they teach their students through the video medium.

3) Screencast Style

A screencast video features a recording of a computer or device screen and a video and/or audio track. Instructors can create this style of video nearly anywhere with a computer and microphone. Common uses of a screencast are to showcase the use of software, applications, or review detailed documents such as a financial statement or balance sheet.

Other Styles

You might experience other styles of instructional multimedia in your courses. Two other styles you might run across are a podcast style where you can download a lecture and listen on the go and/or a vlogging style, where instructors film on-location with their mobile or tablet device.