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Use Research-Supported Learning Techniques

Do you want to improve your memorization abilities and maximize your learning effectiveness? These skills are critical for your academic success. You can learn about three highly effective methods in the videos featured here.

Rote memorization is not the best method for remembering complex information. In this video you will learn how to hack your memory with a useful memorization system. The Major Memory System is a three-step system that can help you retrieve information without having to use rote memorization.
Spaced Practice
In spaced practice learning occurs over multiple sessions at different points in time. For example, revisiting a textbook chapter once every three days. This technique refers to when you should be preparing for course exams. Instead of cramming for your exam, plan multiple sessions spread out over several weeks.
Retrieval Practice
Instead of simply restudying information, try to recall that information from memory (such as by taking a practice test). This technique refers to what you should be doing to prepare for course exams. For example, test yourself using practice tests or recall-based techniques.
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