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Digital Learning Experiences at The Merage School

The Merage School is committed to designing stellar digital learning experiences for our students. In designing every digital course, we aim to achieve three design goals in order to create meaningful digital learning experiences for you.

Connections to the UCI Community

The Merage School is committed to creating opportunities to support student connection and engagement with UCI and the Merage School communities.

Female typing on laptop with communication icons coming out of screen

Diverse Opportunities for Learning Connections

The Merage School faculty are committed to designing digital instruction that promotes multiple forms of interaction which include:
– Student-to-Content Interaction
– Student-to-Student Interaction
– Student-to-Instructor Interaction

male on a tablet viewing active learning icons

Active Digital Learning Experiences

The Merage School is committed to providing students with active, rather than passive learning experiences and opportunities to have authentic, real-world applications.

Digital Learning Initiatives at The Merage School

Students Talking in Student Center

Business Administration Online Courses

Take a deep dive and explore online course options at the Merage School.

Flex MBA Section

Take a deep dive and explore the Flex MBA section.

Three FEMBA students working together