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Professor meeting virtually over Zoom with a student

Get to know your instructors and TAs

Instructors and teaching assistants are here to help you succeed. Online students may not be able to walk into their professor’s office, but they can connect with their instructors during digital office hours, through email, and in the course’s discussion board. Find out when your instructors hold office hours and try to plan a visit at least once in the quarter. By introducing yourself and establishing direct contact you will feel more comfortable reaching out to your instructors and TAs in the future when you have questions about the course’s content or are encountering problems in your studies.

female on a tablet connecting through discussion with peers

Stay social & connect with other focused students

Online students may not be able to meet in person to study together, but they will often connect through collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. Consider connecting with other focused students in your courses. Finding a study partner or being part of a study group will allow you to discuss and review concepts in your courses, share notes, and quiz one another to prepare for exams. Study partners and groups can also lead to networking opportunities and new friendships. Moreover, they can remove the walls of isolation that some students feel taking online courses.