In my Flex MBA courses, I feel more connected with the faculty and my classmates. The technology platform allows us to be very responsive to each other. I am able to access online learning modules anywhere, on any device, to continue the conversation. The result was a flexible, immersive learning environment.

Robert's Headshot Robert – FEMBA

The quarters in which I have taken online management courses allowed me to have a flexible schedule and watch and re-watch lecture videos when it was convenient for me. As a result, I was able to get more involved in on-campus organizations and attend club meetings that might have conflicted with a traditional class schedule.

Jeffery's headshot Jeffery – Undergrad BA

One of the really nice things about the Flex MBA program is the interactions with everyone online. The online environment really jump-started my ability to get to know my classmates so when you do see them in-person, you really have those meaningful connections.

Emily's headshot Emily – FEMBA

Online classes have allowed me to have a flexible schedule and work part-time jobs off-campus, which have allowed me to learn beyond the classroom. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn during times that work best for me.

Katie's headshot Katie – Undergrad BA

The Flex MBA program offers me a great amount of flexibility. The program format allows me to balance a demanding and busy lifestyle which included traveling back and forth between the Bay Area and Southern California. The online component also allows me to allocate my time with my changing work schedule and the demands of earning an MBA degree.

Eddie's headshot Eddie – FEMBA

The Paul Merage School of Business renders a high-quality education through online courses by facilitating interactive channels with Professors and TAs. These days, the expansion of virtual workplaces leads us to embrace the new culture in business fields. In my view, online courses at the Merage School creates a bridge between required knowledge through a dynamic online environment that orients us to the real world in the business arena.

Nazanin's headshot Nazanin – Undergrad BA

I don’t feel isolated from my classmate’s learning in a flex format. Instead, I feel like I am apart of a social group and given opportunities to interact with professors and my peers online and in-person. I am receiving the same learning, social, and networking benefits you would expect from an MBA program, but delivered in a flexible format that only hybrid learning can provide.

Leland – FEMBA