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Your attendance is expected, as is your active participation for each digital course you are enrolled in. Online attendance means regular visits to the course website, moving through the content as indicated in the weekly learning modules and the course schedule, interacting with your peers, and keeping up with the coursework on a weekly basis. 

Expectations of Professor/TA Participation

  • Provide comprehensive learning material on time every week.
  • Provide mechanisms for asking for help, and respond regularly to queries.
  • Create activities that reflect the stated learning goals for the course.
  • Provide timely feedback on assignments, assessments, and other graded activities.

Expectations of Student Participation

  • Keep up with the material every week.
  • Actively and courteously participate and engage in the course.
  • Engage your fellow students in building a learning community.
  • Abide by the standards of academic integrity and student code of conduct.
  • Seek help in the forums from your peers or the professor and TA when you don’t understand a topic.
  • Post questions relating to the course in the appropriate forum rather than emailing the professor and/or TA so that everyone can benefit from the question and answer.