Preparing an Optimal Study Space

Clear Your Space

A study by Princeton University found that people who keep their spaces clean are able to process information and focus better. Some studies show that a quiet environment is preferred for deep concentration. While some students prefer music to cover up a noisy environment, there is some evidence that music without lyrics or white noise might work best. Ultimately, you’ll want to find what works best for yourself.

Create Barriers Between You and Distractions

Put your phone on silent, set your availability to ‘do not disturb’, and remove the phone from your line of sight while you study. During long periods of studying set a schedule to check your phone. For example, look at messages and notifications on the half-hour. 

If you find you are checking your social media accounts while studying try logging out of the apps on your computer and your phone. If social media continues to be an issue consider removing your phone entirely from the room you study in. Deleting the apps short term and temporarily deactivating accounts may also help. Use website blocking apps that prevent you from visiting websites that may distract you from studying.

Study Plans

Determine how long you will study and set study goals for content you need to cover before you start each study session. Take into consideration what assignments you have, what exams you might need to prep for, and what projects you need to work on. You’ll want to set aside enough time, but you also want to be reasonable with how long you’ll study for each day.  Lastly, decide on the best time to study. Generally speaking it’s when you can concentrate for an extended period of time.

Take Breaks

Online students will spend more time at their computers than traditional learners, which makes it important to take breaks. Consider planning time for short walks, making snacks, or time for some stretching. Explore different study apps as many offer timers that allow you to plan breaks and set study duration times for each course you are taking.

Want additional tips on how to create a study space?

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